Suitable for any IME, DME, NFE, or EUO

Specializing in Meeting the Unique Needs of Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation Lawyers

The IME Legal Rep fee is a file disbursement.

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Protect Your Clients

During any IME, DME or NFE Exams:

  • A trained professional will accompany your client
  • Observe the examination and take detailed notes of the intake questions and answers, and block out of scope questions
  • Document the type of tests the doctor conducts, the plaintiff's performance during those tests, the length of the examination, and any other relevant points during the exam.
  • We also ensure that your client does not permit the doctor to perform any unauthorized tests, such as X-rays or MRIs.
  • We have IME advocates who are fluent in Spanish, Russian, Creole, French, Arabic, and Italian.
  • The IME Legal Reps professional who attends the IME will also be available to submit an affidavit in support of your opposition to the defendant's motion for summary judgment and testify at trial.

Appellate Court Notes of "IME Legal Reps"

IME Legal Reps can be rebutted and disputed what the doctor claimed happened in the exam room

The court ruled that the materials (including the notes and reports created by the IME Legal Reps and which were the subject of the subpoena) were created in preparation for litigation. The court found that the IME Legal Reps was an agent of the plaintiff's attorneys, and therefore, the materials were protected under CPLR 3101(d)(2).

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Who We Are


IME Legal Reps is a company created to equip plaintiffs' firms with ammunition against insurance companies and their hired physicians. We are a group of caring, trained professionals who will oversee and document the Insurance Medical Exam to protect your client's interests. IME Legal Reps delivers only the highest quality of service. The purpose of IME Legal Reps is to illustrate what really happened in the examination room through our detailed reports and to provide rebuttal testimony at trial.

Three Things You Should Know About IME

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The Doctors Are Not Independent

The doctors are chosen and paid for by the insurance company. They have an incentive to minimize your injuries and provide an opinion that is more favorable for the insurance company.

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Examinations Are Used to Deny Claims

If an insurance company has requested an IME, they are usually looking for a way to deny your claim. Dishonest IME decisions can be devastating for people hurt by the negligence of others.

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You Can Be Represented at Your IME

Evidence of what the doctor did or didn't do during the examination may be needed to prove the examination was conducted unfairly. We take note of all relevant details.

What We Do


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We'll Be There for You

Our trained professionals accompany your clients to their IME Exam, provide support, and explain that the doctor is representing the adverse party and is not there to provide treatment.

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We Speak Your Language

Many non-English speaking claimants describe significant difficulty communicating with the IME doctors.