Services We Offer

IME Legal Rep

Your clients should never go to an IME without an IME Legal Rep present. Let us protect your clients from these biased, defense-ordered medical physicians. The IME Legal Rep fee is a file disbursement.

From: $175.00

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Private Investigator

We can conduct surviellance, background checks, research property records and legal filings, interview people, and more. Tell us more about your specific request and what services you are interested in. Someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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Accident Services

Accident Services 1- Brief surveillance of the accident site 2- Video of the accident site 3- photos of the accident site

From: $250.00

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Translation Services

There are a wide range of translation services that support the legal industry. These services include legal document translation, certified translation, legal interpretation, on-site staffing, e-discovery support, document production, transcription and legal localization.

From: $125.00

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Plaintiff Narratives

Let us help you tell your client’s story: A tale of the case that should be able to stand on its own.

From: $175.00

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